Tandem fly



Flying has is not a dream anymore. It is a passion, a way to mingle with nature, to have the privilege of seeing the world from the perspective of birds and sometimes accompanied by them. It is a luxury for those who practice and invaluable experience for anyone who wants to try the experience, because fortunately, flying is available to everyone. The feeling will be unforgettable. And the desire of being there again, irresistible. More than 3,500 tandems are our guarantee.


It is aimed at anyone who wants to experience this feeling. There is no age limit or condition. Pair tandems can be performed. You will fly with an instructor entitled, liability insurance and filming for the memory of your flight with Go-Pro camera.

Approximately 30-40 minutes in length (This will involve a 3/4 hours between lift at takeoff, flight and landing pickup)





Intended for those pilots who want to expand their knowledge into thermal, turbulence, decision making and active flying, accompanied by an instructor who will advise and with whom you can exchange controls.

DURACION …….60- 75 minutos





Aimed at pilots who want to learn fast descent maneuvers and incidents in flight simulation. We provoke the most common problems and teach you how to resolve them.

RC and Accident Insurance





Reviews and opinions


PAULA SANCHEZ- Positive, very entertaining experience. Alberto is exceptional and the views are beautiful ....

RUBEN ALBA.- A fantastic experience that is required to have. Everything went perfect with very professional pilots. I recommend 100%

DANIEL.-Experience unbeatable.  Both me and my partner loved the experience. Pilots were super nice ....

MANUEL JESUS ​​HERNANDEZ.-I gave my partner a flight and she was delighted. The pilot gave you a lot of confidence. Everything went perfect. Repeat for sure.

JAVIER CONTRERAS GILBERT.- Very good experience although the conditions were not the most suitable for staying longer in the air. A great joy, with very professional pilots.

ANA QUINTEIRO, My first and certainly not the last. Professionalism and how to explain things gave me great confidence, tranquility and security. I give them a 10. Very professional.

DAVID OSUNA LOBATO.- Very professional and reliable monitors. At any time explaining why things happened.

ANA PEREZ ORTIZ.- I recommend it to anyone who wants to fly like a bird. Very professional. Everything very nice

CLARA V. It is a super fun activity. The monitors are very friendly and fly is just incredible.

ALBERO P. It was a gift for my birthday and I think so far has been the best gift of my life. The impressions you get from up there is indescribable.

EMMA.-I thoroughly enjoyed. The pilot gave me confidence and tranquility and I loved the descent turns, I had a great time. I am recommending it to everyone and I certainly repeat. Thank you very much for the adventure.