The paragliding school Eolo is one of the pioneers of paragliding in Spain. Born in the year 1.990 within the factory of kites and gliders of the same name, Eolo-Gayla. Our name crossed borders. Besides Asturian students, we formed the first pilots of Extremadura and Galicia. Its current director/instructor is the same who founded it, so was able to follow all developments in paragliding mateerial, security and techniques teaching. Eolo Paragliding School was recognized for the entire national territory by FAE (Spanish Aeronautical Federation) in the year 1998. We are backed by 25 years experience.



It is aimed at all those people who want to start in free flight.



A field practice where the materials which a glider is made of and the various component parts are displayed is performed. Specific work on the floor for learning the paragliding control, essential step before flying where you learn to lift and control the glider both front and back. Basic lectures in aerodynamics, meteorology, security, traffic ... two didactic tandem flight with an instructor to learn the basics of driving and critical phases of flight will be performed. Finally, the student will do at least 2 flights by his/her own runned by two instructors,  one will be with you and help you on the takeoff and the other one will be in the landing, both will help in different types of approach. You will always be directed by radio.



The course lasts 4 effective flight days.





It is the next step in the training process. You will still always be accompanied by two instructors, but the ultimate goal will be directed to improve your confidence and autonomy. You will still practicing the takeoff in order to have perfect skills in one of the most critical phases of flight. Not all of the takeoffs are equal, nor the strength and direction of the wind is always the same. Lectures on meteorology, security and various types of approach to landing will not stop. A total of 8 flights will be made by the costumer, although the highest possible level of autonomy will be pursued, we will also always use the radio. The student will be in charge of the decision making within flight and landing, always in accordance with the instructors. Depending on the evolution of the student, we will try to find more performance in flight, leaning on the side or turning some thermals. Before the takeoff, the weather conditions at the time will be analyzed with the instructor and flight planning will be done.lo.

Price…500€.(425 if you've already done the initiation)


Directed to those pilots who demonstrate some experience, go for this mode, and are federated. The experience should be contrasted with the trainers / instructors of the course. These will be those who make the final decision fitness thereof. It is advisable to have completed a course of Trouble in Flight Simulation (SIV)


The course will consist of 3 effective days of flight and is as follows:

-A First thing in the morning theory analysis of the weather conditions of the day, decision making and safety margins will be given.

-Monitoring connected practical radio flight

-Collection and post-flight analysis.

Minimum 3 riders per course



These courses will be organized by the School but will not be taught by the same, but by already recognized specialists in this sector.

It is one of the most recommended to complete the formation of any pilot courses. You will know active piloting techniques, increase your confidence and know the possible reactions of your glider to the turbulence and the extraction parachute. Minimum 5 riders.